Choosing a Debt Consolidation Company: What to Look For?

Debt Reduction is only a good option if you choose the right professional company to provide you with the right service. There are so many options and financial plans, it is imperative that you make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company. Below you’ll find some general rules regarding selecting a professional company but in short, it should be an approved agency that offers financial education and debt management plans (debt consolidation). Their first priority should be to educate the consumer, provide a budget plan and then review the options and determine what solution is best suited for their particular situation.

A good debt consolidation company offers consumers free ongoing credit counseling services and educational materials regardless of whether or not consumers enroll in their debt management plan program. Some of them also offer free educational seminars to the public.

Good Record

It’s important that the provider have a good record with the Better Business Bureau. You can view the records of any business by simply going to Debt Consolidation providers should have an interest in providing any client with not only quality service but with debt education resources.

Certified Counselors


Certified Debt Counselors are an essential part of any reputable debt consolidation provider. It’s important that the individual who is helping prepare a budget plan is a trained and certified counselor. Unfortunately many operations outsource their customer service to outside companies; so, make sure yours does it in-house.

Electronic Payment Processing

ACH Processing is an essential part of the equation. This allows for faster processing and ensures that your debt reduction or debt consolidation plan begins as quickly as possible. In fact most creditors and financial institutions require electronic payments. Companies that do not have ACH processing are not able to provide their clients with debt management payments.

It’s important that you know what all are your options when it comes to debt consolidation. You should call your certified counselors to explore which options are best suited for your particular needs.