10 Tips to Help You Keep Your Job and Earn a Promotion

In uncertain economic times such as these most of us are feeling apprehensive at best about our job security; so here are a few reminders of things you can do to promote job security, and a few suggestions if you are losing your job.

  1. Dress appropriately for the work place, professionally correct for your particular work environment.
  2. Always be well groomed maintaining your professional appearance at all times.
  3. Arrive for work early 10 to 20 minutes if feasible, otherwise be ON TIME.
  4. Display a positive professional attitude at all times.
  5. Display a ‘team player’ disposition with your co-workers.
  6. Clearly understand your job responsibilities and perform them fully.
  7. Always try to expand your knowledge within the company.
  8. Always maintain and leave your work station, office, etc. in an orderly, professional fashion.
  9. Don’t be a clock watcher i.e. the 1st out the door at 5PM.
  10. Unless you’re truly ill don’t call in sick to take a personal day.

Here are a few more tips that you can use to help make sure you aren’t the one being laid off. Maintaining and displaying an energized positive attitude regardless of your position, janitor or CEO, is key. Employers don’t retain negative people, and even though you may show enthusiasm around your boss, usually the boss will be seeking outside opinions before making that final decision. Ergo, find your smile and use it wisely, make sure the people you work with know how much you love your job. It’s also important that the people who “count” know your value and what you contribute to the company.

If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable for downsizing emphasize another skill you have that relates to the work place and offer to take on more responsibilities to make your job more valuable to your employer. It also will help you in future employment searches, as you will have another proven skill on your resume. Cross train with co-workers who may be on vacation, taking a medical leave, etc. the more you know about getting the job done the more likely you are to have one.

keep-your-jobGo to your employer and discuss the tough times we all are having and show him/her your willingness to do whatever it takes to help the company through this difficult time, work longer hours, forgo bonuses temporarily, let them know your desire to do your part and more, to help the solvency of this company.

In the event you have done all you can to promote job security and are still feeling you may be next because it is inevitable, then there are a few steps you should be taking now. Make sure you have an up-to-date resume, get a commitment for a personal reference now, if you are certain you are to be laid off, your boss has told you so, ask immediately for a written reference, don’t wait until you actually leave or are seeking other employment.

Take the time you have with your boss to discuss any special circumstances you may have, such as a chronically ill family member or other special circumstances you are facing, to make them aware that the loss of your medical health care plan is a certain crisis situation for you. Don’t do this in a whining manner, just make your situation clear and that should the company’s position change you would be extremely grateful to have your job and coverage back. Express your dismay at losing this position with the company that you “love” working for, and just how much you will miss doing your specific job. Even if you are laid off, letting the boss know how important this job is to you can be instrumental in being the 1st to be rehired or reconsidered.

If the inevitable does happen be sure to ask for and receive severance, bonus, vacation and sick pay and any other benefits that you are entitled to. Even if your company doesn’t offer it, ask for outplacement assistance too, it’s possible they could include that in your severance package.

I know this is not an answer to these troubling times, but I hope it will give you a few ideas that you can implement in your particular employment arena.