What Is Debt Reduction or Debt Settlement?

There hasn’t been a financial service with more misinformation and controversy in recent memory than debt consolidation. There are a lot of companies that make claims that often seem too good to be true. Well there’s a simple reason, they are! Debt Consolidation is an important service that can benefit an individual’s quality of life drastically. However just as important as it is for you to take that first step to eliminating your debt problems, it’s just as important you choose a company that is ethical and will work within legal boundaries.

Reducing debt is a topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind. Regardless of whether it is reducing the amount of a mortgage payment, reducing tax debt (seeking tax relief), reducing car payments or just simply finding a cheaper way to shop for groceries, everyone is looking for ways to reduce debt. Or put in another way, just save money!

Our country and its citizens are in a real jam. More than 30% of all Americans have serious debt problems. Many are currently more than 60 days late on past due bills. This includes credit cards, mortgage payments, car payments, utility bills… the list goes on and on. Personal loans from banking institutions have completely dried up and it’s very difficult for any American to find some sort of help with their debts. Debt reduction also known as debt settlement is a burgeoning industry; one that unlike many other businesses, is actually gaining ground and doing well despite the worsening economy.


It’s not all doom and gloom. Many Debt Reduction companies can help you reduce your debt for significantly less than what is currently owed. Like anything in life there are specific conditions that apply. Not everyone is a good candidate for these programs, what’s important is finding an honest company who will tell you the honest truth when it comes to your finances. In most cases after a debt reduction specialist conducts a fifteen minute interview where they ask you specific questions regarding your finances, debts, income and expenses they can determine if you are a good candidate for Debt Reduction and if they can truly help you reduce debt.

For consumers who have debt that is less than $10,000 it can become even more of a financial strain as most companies in the debt consolidation industry will not take on accounts with such a low amount of debt. For those individuals there are some great informational websites such as the FTC or Federal Trade Commission’s website about debt consolidation.

If your debt exceeds $10,000 then a debt consolidation service provider would most likely be able to assist you in analyzing your debt profile, planning a budget and reducing your overall debt. In a relatively short period of time you could be on your way to financial freedom.