Who Is Hiring in This Economy?

The recession is now in full swing, with the dismal retail sales figures in from ’08 and the December unemployment numbers worse than expected, we can now expect the term recession not downturn to be heard over and over again. The nation’s employers shed 524,000 jobs in December, bringing the total of jobs lost to 2.6 million for the past 12 months. There are more than 11 million Americans out of work currently; those numbers would be higher if not for the fact that some of the recently unemployed have taken part-time jobs when full-time employment was not available.

With the current rate of unemployment at 7.2 percent this is the worst jobless rate since 1993, and analysts are predicting the recession to last at least into the early summer of ’09. The average work week in December fell to 33.3 hours the lowest on record dating back to 1964 and is seen as a sign of future lay-offs in the days ahead.

However, there are jobs out there and 5 categories of industry actually are showing growth in job opportunities. Here’s a list starting with the greatest number of growth opportunities available;

  1. Information Technologies IT
  2. Government, State, City & County
  3. Education All Levels
  4. Professional Sales Reps
  5. Health Care High Level

These are all areas of job opportunities that major recruiters say have been growing despite the worsening economy. Recruiting specialists offer these tips for those seeking employment and sending out resumes:

  • find-a-jobStay motivated and positive, remember you are in control and keep at it.
  • Market yourself even to the point of seemingly bragging about your skills.
  • Network, utilize social situations, Facebook, Myspace etc. to let others know you’re seeking employment.
  • Lift keywords and phrases from the want ad and include them in your cover letter.
  • Be patient but memorable follow up a resume or interview with a phone call stating your continued interest in the position.

There are certainly more dark days ahead in our economy, but just as we have recovered from recession in the past America will recover once again, hopefully stronger and wiser for the lessons borne of our adversities. As bad as we may think things we must try to put things in perspective, our unemployment rate is 7.2 percent, during the Great Depression unemployment was above 25 percent. Let us count our blessings and keep the faith in the strength of the American people and our resolve to be the best in the world.